Hundreds of expert scientists and medical authorities have been warning that we need to
reduce all types of everyday wireless emissions and exposures. Therefore, increasing the
density of wireless emissions is not acceptable, and increasing the number of wireless
emission sources is not acceptable. Such increases are not acceptable—regardless if
presently deemed legal, and especially considering that modern, non-wireless
connectivity for information, communication, and technology is available and can be

Also, telecom and other wireless network providers and device manufacturers now have
equipment that additionally puts wireless emissions into indoor and outdoor inhabited
environments at frequencies that were previously only aimed into airspaces that are
usually uninhabited, or are used in individual tightly-controlled medical treatments to
physically alter a person’s body or its functions, or are emitted by crowd-control equipment
to cause pain sensations so that people flee.

For 5G, infrastructure and devices will generate wireless emissions that are various
frequencies (millions and billions of cycles per second), all of which are radiofrequency
radiation that can penetrate into living organisms (yes, that’s you) and is indisputably
proven to be biologically active. You may see 5G emissions described as “millimeter
waves,” or 5G and other wireless infrastructure named “small cell” antennas; please don’t
be fooled into thinking that the words “millimeter” and “small” mean harmless. The
strength of a dose of radiofrequency radiation, whether it’s momentary or longer or
continuous exposure, doesn’t necessarily depend on the size of the wave nor the size of
the source.




To communicate and connect I use corded devices and corded accessories, so all wireless can be off and I reduce my electrosmog footprint and exposures. I HOPE YOU DO TOO…

Prefer corded connections • Provide corded connections • Request corded connections • Use caution with all types of power

PracticeSafeTech & e-Hygiene are good lifestyle habits so that our bodies, homes, and environments everywhere are cleaner, healthier, greener, and safer… and truly user-friendly. Electrosmog and related illnesses can be prevented.

I care about children, adults, and Planet A.

One thought on ““The Cloud” is dark and stormy.

  1. Small antennas outside our bedroom windows and along our streets will negatively impact residents living with environmental disabilities (Electromagnetic Illness). They won’t be able to live in their home, work/play in their community or enjoy a walk down their street. These antennas have a number of generation signals and the rigorously reviewed science clearly shows harmful, cumulative, biological effects of 3G and 4G signals. These wireless signals attack our endocrine (hormonal) systems, create inflammatory responses and immune dysfunction. They attack the DNA of our cells, producing increased apoptosis (programmed cell death) and they can produce excessive intracellular calcium on our nervous system including our brain. We need faster, consistent, greener, secure (data security) coax cables or fiber optics to the premises (FTTP). This wired solution is better for EVERYONE!

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